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Jewelry Care

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    1. To preserve your jewelry, store it in a dry place away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and moisture.
    2. Wear rings and bracelets sparingly to minimize the risk of impact-related damage.
    3. Remove rings before washing up or showering to prevent soap particles from getting lodged in stone settings and crevices, which can dull the appearance.
    4. Safeguard your jewelry from scratching, chipping, and entanglement by storing it in its dedicated box or pouch.
    5. Restore the original brilliance of the surface by gently rubbing with a silver cleaning cloth.
    6. Avoid using liquid cleaners on carved silver jewelry, as the liquid may dry into the engraving.
    7. If you wear gold-plated silver jewelry regularly, be aware that the plating may wear down over time. Consider re-plating to restore its appearance.
    8. Prevent scratching or wearing down of plating or enameling by ensuring your jewelry doesn’t regularly come into contact with hard surfaces.
    9. Refrain from using detergent, soap, toothpaste, etc., for cleaning your gold-plated jewelry.
    10. When dressing, put on jewelry last to avoid potential damage from makeup, cosmetics, and perfumes.
    11. Exercise extra care when wearing stone jewelry to protect both the setting and the precious diamond or gemstone it holds.